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Valued partnerships

For over 30 years we have been proving the value of our energy data management platform to our customers. Our core expertise is in dissecting the true meaning of energy billing and to use it as a catalyst for insight, cost control, and robust reporting. Many of our customers have been with Optima since we first launched our unique services.

Our mission

To enable businesses and institutions to be sure that the energy they pay for is the energy they have consumed, at single locations or across multiple sites; to help organisations meet the Net Zero reporting imperative.

Our vision

To continuously augment our expertise in enabling customers to contend with and rise above the mountains of infinitesimal data, and charges, that make up their energy invoices; spotting the errors, taking control, and seizing the insights often buried far too deep in the invoice details. To gain greater value from these insights as a basis for addressing ESG obligations and reporting responsibilities.

Core values

Reach further

Customers trust us, and our invoice validation/data insight solutions, to show and execute elasticity in our relevance and services as the energy industry evolves – often with little forewarning.

We enable customers to respond to surprises, avoid shocks, and take control. We live by agility, by forward-thinking, and by reaching beyond the problems too commonly inherent in energy supplier/utilities invoicing.

Push harder

We take nothing for granted. We certainly take nothing at face value. We know that making sense of energy bills is of staggering importance to any organisation, and that we fulfil the role not just of a software provider, but as a beacon of clarity and insights in a data-centric world and a data-intense cost centre.

So, we push harder to give customers the means to use what could otherwise be a data deluge as a precision tool; impacting closer financial control and facilitating accurate carbon footprint reduction in line with carbon emissions goals and reporting.

Lift more together

We are a team. We support each other knowing that two heads are always better than one, more input means more quality output, and greater dimension comes from greater collaboration. We enjoy working together.

We are a team with our customers and make sure we respond to feedback, always stay open to customer suggestions, and keep customers in the loop with our thinking, our innovation, and our vision for constant improvement, ever-expanding value, and ever-impactful outcomes.
Our people
Kimberly Harling
Divisional Director
Phil Best
Commercial Director
Neil Turton
Product & Development director
Jesse Fox
Ops Manager
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