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Bureau Services:

Energy Portfolio Management

The Optima Bureau Services team manage and maintain energy portfolios for some of the UK’s leading companies in retail, utilities, and property management, along with a range of smaller organisations.

Bureau Services and our data analytics platform, Optii, augment each other. While Optii enables you to undertake all invoice validation in-house, our Bureau team handles these processes for you, also using Optii but providing you with personal, human responses to explain the resulting reports and advise on best actions arising.

Finding value in your data

We provide resource, and solutions, that turn an otherwise tedious administrative process into a way of finding true value in the invoice detail to enable you to:
Typically, you will have greater priorities than ploughing through invoices to check their accuracy. At the same time, this approach to detail is essential given that you cannot rely on energy providers to deliver easily-decipherable invoices.

Inaccuracies are not uncommon in these invoices; mis-charges occur, invoices can be sent relating to discontinued services or contracts, past changes may not be reflected as current charges.

Wherever the inaccuracies lie, our team and our software find them, and give you the information you need to rectify them.

Choose your service package

Customisable reports for all areas on energy data

Choose from three Bureau Service packages according to your specific requirements:

We load all pertinent contracts to Optima (for all three levels), test the billing files, and set up links to the tariffs that relate to your energy usage. After that, you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind and insight that comes from rigorous data analysis:




Provides analysis and reports on the key areas of losses (TUoS/DUoS) and water tariff updates; quarterly, six-monthly and annual reports depending on category.

Other benefits include:

Incorporates all services and benefits provided at the Bronze level with further additions such as Ot/St, Triad, and Capacity updates.

Other benefits include:

At the Gold level our Bureau Service package includes all Bronze/Silver services and benefits plus a range of further benefits that address every requirement.

Other benefits include:

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