OPTII Data Analytics Platform steve February 20, 2021

Optii Data Analytics Platform

Cloud-based data management platform for energy invoice validation

The Optii data analytics platform delivers actionable insights for making sense of your energy invoices and ensuring as-accurate-as-possible carbon emissions reporting for Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Optii is fully-customisable, secure and scalable to hundreds of thousands of individual meter points.


the end-to-end invoicing challenge of inaccuracies, mis-charges, and time-wasting errors


your energy invoices (every single energy charge on every single invoice)


the detail in the data; just because it was billed that way doesn’t mean it happened that way


your insights and understanding by identifying trends and patterns reflecting your true energy consumption

Understand your energy invoices
Gaining an indisputable assessment of your energy charges shouldn’t be a challenge, but it is. It depends on accuracy. Being accurate becomes a problem when you’re accustomed to receiving multiple bills with line after line of charges, often originated by and emanating from diverse systems and suppliers.
Positive energy

To take control of this situation takes effort, people, manual processes, and time. Allocating such resource is unlikely to be core to your operations and business, nor productive; it is retroactive; in detracting from core activities, it is negative.

Optii delivers accuracy in those areas where you most need it.

positive energy
The automated advantage with Optii
Within the overall realm of energy invoicing, there are approximately 100 error types that can occur. They’re not always obvious. Nor are they easy to spot without considerable time and effort. That incurs cost. Put these on top of the costs you may be incurring through paying too much, or paying for the wrong service.

From complexity to clarity

Just log into your Optii and you’ll see everything that’s happening everywhere; the true experience of total control delivered by automated data analytics: the sound basis for managing your energy use, spend, budgeting and forecasting:

No risk​

No-risk Optii’s automated data extraction eliminates the risk of manual data entry

Total insight​

100% reliability: Optii scans all your energy data in near real-time (100% – not just spot-checks) for errors/inconsistencies standardised, and ready to integrate into your enterprise system

Expert guidance​

In control from day 1: We provide a full onboarding service – including database set-up, importing contract templates, bill feed, file formats and so on – with live onboarding sessions with your users.

At the onboarding meeting your will also meet our Customer Success team – your direct connection to making your voice heard for any problems, and new ideas for how we can better serve your requirements.

Optii is easy to use; we show you how, and we value your feedback.

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